How often is ‘Pending’ data refreshed in the dashboard?

Pending transactions are pushed through every 30 minutes.

What is considered ‘Pending’?

A paid transaction (excluding anything categorized as free) will report as ‘Pending’– it will remain in this state until the customer’s credit card has been charged.

What happens to free items on my reporting?

As Apple does not charge a user’s credit card for a free item and does not issue callbacks on this product type, these are automatically pushed through as approved.

Do Approved/Pending transactions ever duplicate in reports?

No, deduping logic is in place. Transactions are updated every 30 minutes and anything that is pushed through from ‘Pending’ to ‘Approved’ will backfill and change in our dataset.

How can I view ‘Pending’ transactions via the reporting API?

You must append the following string into your API link to add in pending transactions: statuses%5B%5D=pending

How far back should I be doing a lookback on data for historical accuracy?

Since pending items can potentially be rejected, you can look back approximately 2 weeks to verify your subsets of data – it can take up to 2 weeks for pending items to be processed depending on billing region.

How are pre-orders tracked in real time reporting?

When linking to a pre-order movie, book, album, etc, your partner token is recorded when a customer purchases the pre-order item and the item will report in the partner dashboard once the pre-order goes live on the store.

How are Apple Music Trials and Memberships recorded with Near Real Time Reporting?

When linking to Apple Music, Trials are recorded in near real time and will report in the dashboard as “Approved.” Memberships will display in the dashboard once the user’s free 3-month trial has ended. The membership will report as pending at the end of the trial period – it will remain in this state until the customer’s credit card has been charged.