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You can link to our stores by using any of the tools below. Anyone can link to our stores, but you may want to join our partners program. As an partner, you earn commissions on sales when you link to music, apps, books and more. Learn more about the partner program.

Badges and Identity Guidelines

Badges for iTunes, the App Store, the iBooks Store and the Mac App Store are recognized worldwide. Please review our identity guidelines carefully to ensure you use our badges properly. Badge art is available in our Link Maker tool or on our resource site. Get badge art and guidelines.

Apple Music Toolbox

You can create partner links for Apple Music by using our Apple Music Toolbox. You can also find embeddable widgets for albums, songs and playlists in the Toolbox. You can color customizable Apple Music icons and Follow badges when linking to artist pages. It’s everything you need to link to Apple Music, all in one convenient and easy to use Toolbox.

Links for Apple Music require additional parameters to enable Apple Music partner tracking. The following parameter: app=music, in addition to your partner token (at=12345), should be added to all Apple Music links to ensure proper attribution. So be sure to add these parameters to all Apple Music links to earn partner commission for Apple Music.

Example link:

Link Maker Tool

Link Maker tool is the easiest way to create links to specific content on our stores. Links generated in the Link Maker tool can be placed directly in your website or app. You can create a single link or, if you are a partner, you can use the bulk link tool to create a group of partner links all at once. Go to the Link Maker tool.

Auto Link Maker

The Auto Link Maker tool takes the work out of creating partner links. With one snippet of code added to your website, any iTunes, App Store, iBooks Store or Mac App Store link will be converted to an partner link. This is great tool for blogs, digital magazines, or musician websites as it greatly simplifies creation of partner links. Go to the Auto Link Maker.

Widget Builder

Our Widget Builder allows you to easily integrate a rich and interactive experience on websites or blogs. You can create widgets for music, apps, books, and more. These widgets allow users to , preview songs, explore apps, and find books from iTunes—all without leaving your site. Go to the Widget Builder.

RSS Feed Generator

Use the RSS Feed Generator to incorporate lists for top music, apps, books, and more. You can add these feeds to your website or view them using a standard RSS feed reader. Go to the RSS Feed Generator.

Banner Builder

Our Banner Builder tool allows you to generate custom banner art for all content on iTunes, the App Store, the iBooks Store, and the Mac App Store. Banners can be created in multiple sizes and are available for use on the web or iOS. Go to the Banner Builder.

Advanced Linking Tools

A variety of advanced tools are available to help technically savvy partners create links to our stores. These include our Search API as well as our iMix tool, which allows you to dynamically build playlists inside the store. Also, our Enterprise Partner Feed provides an advanced data feed for the entire iTunes catalog. Learn more about advanced tools.

More Information

To learn more about linking tools and the partner program, visit our Partner Resources page at