The Affiliate Program

You’re invited to join the Apple Music, iTunes, App Store, iBooks Store, and Mac App Store affiliate program. As an affiliate, you can earn commission on sales and memberships by linking to music, apps, books, and more.

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Program benefits

Make money. Earn commission on all qualifying revenue generated by links to our stores.

Enhance your website and your app. Add valuable, compelling content to your site or app, and make it easier for your customers to find music, apps, books, and more.

Stay in the know. Our affiliate resources site will keep you up to date on tools, special features, promotions, and news.

It’s easy to join

To start, complete an online application with our affiliate provider, Performance Horizon Group (PHG).

Apply Now

We’ll review your application within five business days. For us to review your application, you must provide a website URL or a link to an app on the App Store.

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Types of links

Apple Music Toolbox: Apple Music Toolbox is everything you need to link to Apple Music, all in one convenient and easy to use Toolbox. Create direct links to any content in Apple Music in addition to accessing embeddable widgets for albums, songs and playlists in the Toolbox. You can also color customize Apple Music icons and Follow badges.

Link Maker: Create affiliate links to nearly all content in our stores. When you access this tool through your affiliate interface, your links will be coded with your affiliate token, and you’ll be able to create multiple links at the same time.

Auto Link Maker: Take the work out of creating website affiliate links. With one snippet of JavaScript added to your website, all your store links will be converted to affiliate links.

Widget Builder: Create an interactive widget to feature your favorite album, app, or book, or create a store search box for your website. Access this tool through your affiliate interface to append your affiliate token.

Banner Builder: Instantly create banner art for content on the store or for top store charts. Banners are available in a variety of sizes. Access this tool through your affiliate interface to append your affiliate token.

RSS Feed Generator: Use RSS feeds to incorporate lists of top music releases, apps, or books into your website using a standard RSS feed. You must append your affiliate token to the links.

Advanced Tools: Technically savvy partners can create links using advanced tools, including the Apple Music API, Search API, an Enterprise Partner Feed, and an iMix tool that creates a playlist of content on iTunes. The affiliate resource site provides more information and documentation for these tools.

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Additional information

Resource site. Our affiliate resource site keeps you up to date on the affiliate program and provides technical documentation for more advanced tools. Also, affiliate forums can help answer your questions.

Identity guidelines. Please review our identity guidelines carefully to ensure you use our badges properly. Badge art is available in our Link Maker tool or on our resource site.

Banking information. Log in to your affiliate account to provide bank information and indicate your currency preferences. Payment thresholds vary by currency.

Reporting. We offer a variety of reporting options. Tools are available to help you track clicks and sales by campaign.