What is iTunes Store Credit?

iTunes Store Credit is a new method of payment which allows partners to make direct purchases from the iTunes Store, App Store, iBooks Store, and the Mac App Store. This is now available in addition to bank payments via electronic fund transfers in the partners program dashboard.

How can I set up iTunes Store Credit as a payment option on my partner account?

First log into your partner account.

Once logged in, navigate to the Settings tab and then to Payments

Click on Add Payment Method button

Select your Tracked Currency, your desired Paid Currency, and Country of Bank. When selecting Payment Method, please ensure you select iTunes Store Credit on the dropdown. Make sure to apply and save your settings for this new Payment Method

Once you save your Payment Method, navigate to Payments, then Self Bill, where you will then see your Payments Table with available currencies for payment release

Next, click on the Release Payment button for the Tracked Currency option you wish to release payment for (USD or JPY only)

Once you click Apply, your self bill will generate and you will receive an email with details of your code as well as redemption instructions

Can I split payments between an electronic funds transfer and iTunes Store Credit?

You cannot split payments for the same currency.  You will need to select your release of payments to either your banking institution or iTunes Store Credit, but not both in any given instance.

Why do I receive an error if I select a Tracked Currency other than United States Dollar or Japanese Yen?

You can only select United States Dollar or Japanese Yen as your Tracked Currency for iTunes Store Credit. Moreover, Paid Currency and Country of Bank must also match the country selection of your Tracked Currency.

What happens if I already have Auto Self Bill set up with my banking information?

If you have Auto Self Bill enabled with your electronic funds transfer, payment will automatically be triggered once your predesignated threshold is met. You may still initiate a manual self bill for payout in iTunes Store Credit at any time, so long as the minimum threshold of $5 USD or ¥500 is met.