Apple Music gives access to over 75 million songs, along with expert recommendations. You can now earn partner commission on qualified memberships to Apple Music.

Apply for the Apple Music Premier Partner Program

If you are a larger publisher and can drive a high volume of qualified Apple Music trials, we invite you to apply to our Premier Partner Program where you can earn more, get paid faster, and have access to additional resources.

Read our Premier Program FAQ for more details on this exclusive pilot program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I earn and when will I be paid?

Partners can earn a one-time partner bounty when referrals result in a conversion from the trial period to the first paid month for Apple Music (Student, Single, and Family Membership types are commissionable). This is one-time bounty is credited once the user has converted from the 3-month trial period to the first paid month.

We report on how many trial sign-ups you generated, and after the trial, how many users signed up for a membership. Partner payments for Apple Music are available within the Partnerize (PZ) interface 60-90 days after the first paid month, assuming your PZ payment threshold has been met. For more information, including details on Apple Music commissions by market and membership type, see our Commissions and Payments FAQ.

Can I earn commission on iTunes and Apple Music with the same link?

No. You can only earn commission on either Apple Music memberships or qualified sales in the iTunes Store, not both using the same link. When you link to Apple Music, you will earn commission only on Apple Music memberships. When you link to iTunes, commissions are eligible on sales in the iTunes Store, the App Store, and the Apple Books Store.

How do I create links to Apple Music?

You can create partner links for Apple Music by using our Apple Music Toolbox. You can also find embeddable widgets for albums, songs and playlists in the Toolbox. You can color customize Apple Music icons and Follow badges when linking to artist pages. It’s everything you need to link to Apple Music, all in one convenient and easy to use Toolbox.

Links for Apple Music require additional parameters to enable Apple Music partner tracking. The following parameter: app=music, in addition to your partner token (at=1234), should be added to all Apple Music links to ensure proper attribution. So be sure to add these parameters to all Apple Music links to earn commission for Apple Music.

General Apple Music Links:

The following link can be utilized to link directly to the Apple Music Subscription Sign Up Process:

More details on Apple Music links can be found here in our Linking Guide & FAQ.

Do Apple Music tracking links work on Android?

Yes. Apple Music tracks on all Android supported devices and are eligible for commission. These links require the app=music parameter as well as additional character encoding to ensure the link is properly structured. You can read more here for details and instructions on how to create an Apple Music link that will track on Android.

Is there an API for Apple Music?

Yes, the Apple Music API allows developers to directly control Apple Music playback for members among other features.

  • Developers can see if a user is currently a member
  • Developers can see which country the users’ account is based in
  • Developers can queue up the next song or songs based on a song ID for playback
  • Developers can inspect playlists already in My Music or create new playlists with a title and description (see App Store Review Guidelines for limitation)

We encourage developers to use the Apple Music API to provide a superior user experience by integrating these features in your app. Please visit our resource site for additional information on the Apple Music API.