We are excited to announce the Apple Music Toolbox that facilitates creating links to Apple Music. The tool is very easy to use and we have highlighted key tool features below.

  • Search for anything in Apple Music — artists, albums, songs, playlists, connect, curators, radio, music videos. Auto suggestions appear as you type. Or paste Apple Music links into the search box and automatically go to content
  • Access text links — all links are pre-formatted and geo enabled, so they work globally
  • Access links with badge art — get regular badges as well as small badges with pre-formatted, geo enabled links
  • Access widgets for songs, albums and playlists players — offers fixed styling that automatically matches song artwork, fixed height, responsive width, 30 second previews and geo enabled links. Also, there are share features on player (Facebook, Twitter, embed code, copy link)
  • Access web players for Apple Connect content — get full audio/video players for the web
  • Access curator, music video and radio content — get regular and small badge options or pre-formatted text links
  • Access artist resources — get badge art or text links to artist pages as well as fully color customizable Follow icons. Follow badges are available in Red, Black and transparent
  • Enter partner token at the bottom of the tool — your token will then be automatically added to all players, badges and text links you create. You can add partner campaign codes as well. (Connect players are not yet supported by the performance partners program.)
  • Geo ready links — all links from the Toolbox are geo ready that will take people to the most appropriate geo content
  • Localization — the tool automatically detects a viewers language settings and dynamically localize widgets and players on the web. Also, users can change the tool’s interface language as needed

Access the Toolbox

Access the Apple Music Toolbox at tools.applemusic.com