Incorporating 30 second song previews is a great way to add interactivity to your site or app and can help you improve your affiliate sales conversion rates. Links to these song samples are now available through the Enterprise Partner Feed, Search API and RSS Feed Generator.

Here is a summary of requirements when using song previews.

  1. You must be active with the iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store Affiliate Program. Only partners with an active account with one of our affiliate networks can use these sound samples.
  2. Song previews MUST be used with an approved “Download on iTunes” badge — they may not be used in any other way. The link associated with the badge needs to point to the track the sample came from, or at least the same album or artist.
  3. Anytime an iTunes song preview is used, the text “provided courtesy of iTunes” must also exist somewhere near by.
  4. Song previews can only be streamed, they may not be downloaded, saved, cached or synchronized with video.
  5. Song previews can only be used to promote the track. They cannot be used for entertainment independent of that purpose, or as the main focus of an App or web experience.
  6. Previews can only be used from within countries that also have an iTunes Music Store. Access from outside the intended countries will result in an error and song previews may not play.

The simplest way to get the preview URL is by using a “Lookup” query in our Search API. Paste the Adam ID, typically found on the end of an iTunes link, to the end of the Search API lookup query. Find the value for “previewUrl”.


We’re looking forward to seeing affiliate implementations with song previews.