The Enterprise Partner Feed, known as the “EPF”, is a data feed of every piece of meta data in the iTunes and App Store. This advanced tool is available to partners who need programmatic access to a large amount of data and have the technical expertise to handle the challenge. Properly integrated the data feed is used to populate a relational database that the affiliate partner can then query at will for descriptions, pricing, links, cover art, last updated and many other relevant pieces of information.

While scraping the iTunes Store is banned in the Terms and Conditions the EPF provides all the same information, is the recommended solution, and doesn’t take near the effort of scraping.

The EPF is available as a full feed once a week and as an incremental feed the other six days of the week. Each feed consists of three files (iTunes, Pricing, Match) that after downloading are to be expanded and ingested.

An account is necessary to access the feed and is available by submitting a request at the Helpdesk which should include the first and last name of the primary account holder, as well as email, company name and a brief description of how the EPF will be implemented.

A little technical know how and some creativity with integrating the iTunes and App Store meta data via the EPF is a great way to integrate the affiliate program into your site or app.

Review the EPF documentation here.