Android tracking is supported by the Apple Services Performance Partners Program, but please note our links will not auto-detect operating system by default, so you must be able to target Android devices. Also, Android links will not track on iOS devices and vice versa.

Please note: For Android tracking, you must use the Apple Music General Subscription link listed below in step 2. Links to pieces of content, like albums, songs, and playlists will not track.

Android links must be encoded using the following process:

1) Start with the base Google Play URL —

2) Encode the base Apple Music URL — (XXXXXX should be replaced by your partner token)

A) Visit a URL Encoder, such as or any URL encoder of your choice
B) Copy the base Apple Music URL into the top box:

C) Click the blue “Encode” button
D) The result will display in the bottom box:

3) Copy and paste to combine the two links:


4) The final result will look like this:

5) If you want to add a campaign token you would follow the same process for step 2, but add the ct=XXXXXX parameter at the end of the base Apple Music URL:

A) Encode the following URL —
B) Please note that you cannot append the campaign token to the end of an encoded link, every campaign token must be encoded separately